cramps / meds
wezman posted:
Im taking advair is there anyone getting cramps from that med ? If so please give me some feed back.
justwantobreathe responded:
I took advair of and on fo ra year. Had to stop because I was getting such horrible cramps in my hands. I'm a pianist so I had to switch to symbicort.
amcate responded:
My calfs cramp at night. If I push really hard into the muscle, it relaxes, though it hurts at first. I also found increasing potassium by eating a lot of bananas helped.
atti_editor responded:
Hi wezman,

Cramps are listed as an infrequent, and less severe, side effect of Advair in our Drugs & Medications Center. Here are some more reviews from WebMD users that you may be interested in reading in addition to those who have already posted here.

Best wishes,
wezman replied to atti_editor's response:
Thanks for your time the feed back really helped me out I'm really glad I found this website.