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Chest pain with asthma
ladykatrina posted:
I've had chest pain for as long as I can remember. As a child, I thought it was normal to randomly hurt after no physical strain whatsoever. The pain radiates from beneath my breast to my back and feels very restricting. When I breathe deeply, it hurts so badly that I can't help but gasp. I feel short of breath, but that's probably just because it hurts too damn bad to breathe any way but shallowly. It comes and goes, sometimes only lasting for a few seconds, but hurting so badly I can't move my upper torso. Other times, it lasts for hours, and can be extremely painful or just a dull irritation.

I do have asthma, exercise, allergy, and stress induced, because my lungs hate me. I take precautions when I exercise, slowing down the second I hear wheezing. I had sinus surgery to help with my breathing, which has been absolutely amazing, but it doesn't help with any of the lung stuff. It tends to surface with just shortness of breath and a tiny bit of wheezing, with the attacks being few and far between. I take Advair and Claritin/Zyrtec, which seems to reduce my symptoms each year by about half, but my chest pain still makes me miserable.

I have been hospitalized, examined by several very good doctors, and put through multiple tests. No one can figure out the source of the problem. One of my doctors believed that I had pleurisy from an asthma cough, but my cough is not often enough to cause this much chest pain. My most recent asthma doctor told me it doesn't sound like asthma and told me to tell my PCP. My PCP got worried I had a clot and sent me to the hospital. My lungs looked fine through all the tests. The only test they worried about was the lung function test, which I failed miserably. When they couldn't get a good reading, the nurse just told me that I probably don't have much in the way of lung capacity.

I was just curious if anyone was experiencing what I am, and if they have any suggestions. I'm not going back to the doctor, since 5 doctors couldn't find anything and I'm still stuck paying the bills. Please, any suggestions would be great.
deluxehd responded:
Hi ladykatrina. I'm sorry to hear of your health issues. I experienced chest pain similar to what you are describing. It was so intense at times that I just wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor. I used to experience this mainly after eating certain foods that triggered my asthma. I had been diagnosed with extrinsic asthma but the breathing tests never truly showed how bad I felt. Last year I was diagnosed with mold illness (not an allergy) and with intrinsic asthma. Here is a link to the website that explains mold illness:
Good luck in getting answers.
An_256780 responded:
I have mild asthma, but wicked painful spasms in my wind pipe. During an emergency room visit, the nurse mentioned that everyone responds to and has different symptoms of an asthma attack. So that terrible pain you feel in your chest and torso could be your body's signal of an attack.
The painful windpipe feeling is with me 85% of the time. As the increases, for me, that is the beginning of an asthma attack, I don't wheeze at all.
I am wondering, too, if the Advair isn't bothering you. Did you know that a possible side effect of it can be chest pain? Also, I know you aren't interested in another doctor (and forgive me if you have already tried this specialty), but have you seen a pulmonologist? I see one twice a year for my windpipe pain/asthma, with good results.
Good luck!
ladykatrina replied to An_256780's response:
One of my doctors was a pulmonologist. He was the one suggesting pleurisy. I've only been taking Advair for a couple of years, but I've had chest pain as long as I can remember. My PCP told me after my hospitalization that it was probably just my body's way of telling me my breathing is bad, and it would be something I'd have to deal with for the rest of my life. I just get frustrated because I have nothing to take. My inhaler doesn't help, prednisone makes me feel like I'm breathing better but it still hurts, Tylenol and ibuprofen/advil do nothing.

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