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has allergy testing helped anyones asthma?
petalsofneptune posted:
my name is tina, i live in nc , i developed severe asthma about 15 years ago which lasted about 4 years, i was on 3 inhalers a day and still could not breathe, then i moved to the mountains in nc, whithin 6 months i was taking no medicine i moved back home 9 years ago no problems with anything till about 2 months ago, now its back full force, the advair was working some but now i don't think it really is.. and you can't combat what you cant see or know triggers you, someone suggested seeing a asthma specialist for skin testing ..has anyone had that work? i've read many many post here and they all seem neg,has anyone has things that actually helped their asthma?
choo_chu responded:
I had allergy testing done and had allergy shots for 4 years. They helped me tremendously, especially with my cat allergy. I noticed a difference within a few months of starting the shots, and I kept improving for a good year or so. My asthma is now pretty well controlled, and I take a lot less medicine than I did before I started the shots. The only problem is that the shots only help with things that are on the allergy panel. Apparently something that wasn't on the allergy panel floats around where I live because I have problems with allergies and asthma every spring. I used to have problems year-round. Now it's just in the spring, and it's not all that bad compared to the problems I used to have.

I have really bad allergic asthma. If my allergies are controlled, my asthma is controlled. If my allergies are out of control, so is my asthma. They go hand in hand for me. Allergy shots have done wonders in helping control my asthma.

Good luck.
petalsofneptune replied to choo_chu's response:
choo_chu thank you, that does shed a bit of hope i think im just getting a little frustrated not understanding how i could all of a sudden develope severe asthma about 15 yrs ago which lasted for 4 years, i moved to the mountains and within a few months i was off everything. i moved back home 9 yrs ago and nothing bothered me not pollen,exhaust, dust..nothing i could breathe so good, and about 3 months ago poof, its back with a vengence,
my doctor put me on advair which was working good for a few weeks but now its not, so i made an appointment a asthma specialist to do the skin test in hopes of finding out whats triggering it, it is so good to hear your doing better and i hope you can find whats still affecting you in the spring,... hugs, it's really nice to have a place to connect with other people struggling with it..who knows what your going through and just how scary it is.

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