Does anyone have trouble with shortness of breath/reduced lung capacity?
kevinmay posted:
I've been having trouble with the inability to take a deep breath. I have reduced lung capacity as shown on a pulmonary function test, but my allergist just keeps upping my inhaler dose.

Has anyone else had this problem? How have you dealt with it? Also did you go to a pulmonologist for it or have you had any other tests?
wezman responded:
what do you do for a living ?
kevinmay replied to wezman's response:
I work in a bank.
choo_chu responded:
Did your increase in symptoms start suddenly or slowly over time? Can you look back and identify anything that may have precipitated the onset of your worsening symptoms? For example, a new job, a new house/apartment/condo, change of seasons, etc.

I had a sudden increase of symptoms when I moved across the country from way up north to way down south. It turned out that my worsening asthma was due to allergies. I got allergy tested and started allergy shots. Things are much better now.
kevinmay replied to choo_chu's response:
Thanks, no major changes in my life other than worsening of symptoms. I've had a chronic sore throat that has only intensified this year in addition to the SoB symptoms, cough, and congestion. I've never had issues with weezing though nor has a rescue inhaler ever helped.
ocean100 responded:
I have over the last 6-8 months slowly acquiring Asthma and it's not getting any better, there is no family history of this. I live in Arizona and I am sure that has contributed to the situation.

I have tried almost every remedy that can be found on Amazon and nothing is curing it. I have noticed that when I consume dairy products it is worse. Looks like I have to change my diet as right now everything I eat affects my daily coughing and breathing I want to know if anyone else has had to change their diet and if it helped.
atti_editor replied to ocean100's response:
Hi ocean100,

Are you working with a doctor to control your asthma symptoms? This article explains some of the most effective asthma treatments for both long and short-term control. Please let us know how you are doing!

Best wishes,