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    Surgical steel (earrings) allergy
    T1na1 posted:
    Hi, I have had mild allergic reactions to surgical steel earring since I was a child and am wondering what exactly they are made of. Thanks, Tina
    Aqua14 responded:
    According to this Wikipedia article I pasted below, surgical steel is noted as containing nickel. Nickel is a very common metal allergen, so it wouldn't be unusual for you to have allergic reactions to it. You might want to stick to silver or gold earrings instead, which are less likely to be allergenic.

    Hope this helps. Take care & good luck. Judy
    Eloyambres responded:
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    kemberlysaver responded:
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    kemberlysaver responded:
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    kemberlysaver responded:
    After using the metal detector I found that it is really a good device, it can not only help to save time but also can help you to save energy. And besides being used for looking for gold, the gold metal detectors can alao be used to help the archologist in finding treasures and used in many other important places as security tool.
    saracee responded:
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    jimmydetectors09 responded:
    Recently, I have read a new online about the best metal detector in schools, most schools think that it is too expensive but they are working on it.
    There is a program out there that offers NO COST metal detectors to the school systems. The schools and Boards of Education should see this site.
    As far as I am concerned , it is a good idea to carry out this program for it provide security to the students and the teaching staff. Walkthrough metal detector will not take up too much space .
    kmykimi replied to jimmydetectors09's response:
    Although metal detectors bring a lot of inconvenience to us, they are indispensable for the security of public safety.

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