Masturbation and Rhinitis/Sinusitis
healthconscious67 posted:
Hi Everyone,

Is there a serious connection between masturbation and sinusitis/allergic rhinitis? I've had this sickness since 15 and what i noticed is that when you have too much of masturbation for a certain period, a sinusitis/allergic rhinitis happens.
skillzthatkillz responded:
This may be two years late, but I've been wondering the same thing. Done some web searching and haven't been able to find a lot regarding this question; have you found out anything since this post?
nnabugwufaith responded:
Yes. This also happens to my younger brother who confides in me. In his own case, he suffers sinusitis/allergic rhinitis if he engages in masturbation thrice successively in a day or two. Now, he is now in a chronic stage of the infection.
fitnessfreeko11 responded:
I too had exactly the same problem. The case was a bit too serious for me as I had allergical rhinitis and my sinuses used to get swollen even after masturbating once. Usually it used to last for 6-7 hours. I consulted many good MDs but it didn't work. But later , I started doing Anulom Vilom and started sitting with striaght spine (all day) and that worked miraculously well.