"Asthma Blues" Asthma Education Music CD/ Book and The "Asthma Blues" Club
asthmamusic posted:
"Asthma Blues" is "Music With A Message" that helps people with asthma and their families to get astthma under control. Asthma physiology, use of a peak flow meter, specific purpose of asthma medications, asthma control, asthma triggers and the importance of a personal written asthma action plan are the topics of asthma management translated into music. "Asthma Blues" empowers people with evidence-based information that builds the structure for asthma management, delivers key concepts that help them to manage asthma effectively, and equips them with the tools to keep asthma controlled. Be empowered and entertained! Check out our interactive "Asthma Blues" Club on our website, www.asthmablues.com !
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