Are You Asthma Aware?
asthmamusic posted:
I am the respiratory therapist/musician who created the music-based asthma education program, "Asthma Blues". My program delivers the national guidelines for asthma management as set by the NHLBI. "Asthma Blues" is "Music With A Message" that empowers as well as entertains. If you have asthma, know someone or come in contact with anyone that has asthma, visit my website, If you have asthma questions, there is an "Ask Al the RT" link there. My most recent interview appears on the home page of the Association of Asthma Educators, The bottom line is, asthma can be very dangerous if not controlled. The good news is, asthma CAN be controlled.
Empowering with education,
Al Keith, BA,CRT

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