Asthma Music to Educate Families
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I hope you are having a wonderful beginning to this very promising New Year. My name is Al Keith. I am a respiratory therapist (24 yrs.) and a musician who has created an asthma education program for families that uses music to teach the NHLBI national gudelines for asthma management. Please review this information and reply with your feedback.
My website is: .Thanks!

Do you have a child with asthma?
Help them to manage it with
"Asthma Blues"Ò !
"Asthma Blues"Ò can help to improve
their quality of life year round!

Our 7-song asthma education music CD "Asthma Blues"Ò, empowers with vital information that builds the structure for asthma management, delivers key concepts that help families to take control of asthma, and equips them with the tools to manage and
keep asthma under control.
"Asthma Blues"Ò is music created for families burdened and affected by asthma !

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"Asthma Blues"Ò
· Music with a message that empowers
· Delivers evidence-based asthma guidelines
· Reinforces doctor-patient educational bridge
· An effective self-management tool

Empowering with education,

Al Keith, BA, CRT
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