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ladallia posted:
I was wondering if anyone can answer some questions about it for me. I've been having issues breathing, coughing, coughing with mucus, shortness of breath, waking up having severe coughing spells with trouble breathing and more. I heard about COPD before and had a family member that had it (according to my mom). So I checked online here concerning it and it appears I have all the same symptoms. Yet then again, it also states several other things can give off such symptoms such as Asthma, Emphezema, Allergies, and more.

I am a smoker, and have worked in areas polluted with metallic dust in the air, or high dust areas, or areas that contain and store chemicals (both natural and man-made). So if I do have it, there's no guarantee where I got it from. Too many high risk episodes. I'm planning on seeing a doctor about it, and would like to know if I should see some kind of specialist or should I go to my regular doctor first? I've been having these symptoms off and on for the past 2 years, but since November this past year the symptoms have been an ongoing daily thing. Though the extreme attacks are not.

I am looking to also stop smoking. Patches have never worked for me, and the only pill in the past that did was an antidepressant. I have been looking into the possibility of trying the E Cigarettes to see if it would work better, I've heard rave results about it. Yet I am uncertain (if I do perchance have COPD) if this is a good idea or not. Would using something that emits a vapor into the lungs be risky since the chance of getting Pneumonia is high with COPD or is it a different kind of vapor?
azed2000 responded:
Talk to your Doctor first, he will send you to see a
PULMONARY DOCTOR...he will do a pft test, look that up on here... tells how much air you blow, I am going next month for a 2 yr follow up test, I have copd... mild-mod..but when I cought,
I sometimes get dizzy and almost passout... good luck

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