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Autism Spectrum and Genetics
An_189768 posted:
I've recently become engaged and my fiance and I talk about having kids all the time, and he brought up a real brainbuster. He has ADHD and mild Aspberger's that wasn't diagnosed until he was in his teens, his younger brother has a more advanced Aspberger's, his youngest brother has ADHD, and his uncle had to be institutionalized. On my side of the family there are a few mild anxiety disorders, and I myself have social anxiety, that because it wasn't treated, is really affecting my adult life now. What are the chances of our child having any of these disorders? We'd love our future children no matter what, obviously, but we'd both like to be prepared just in case.

It worries me a lot, because I know that his father's side of the family is very small and there's been a lot of mental health issues, pretty serious ones... his father has ADHD as well. I also know how hard it is to grow up with anxiety and an OCD that has gotten more mild with age. It just scares me since I know so many people in both of our families that suffer from these and I want to make sure that if the chance is high, that I am able to provide whatever care is needed without having to worry about money or something like that.

Thanks in advance!
DeadManWalking56 responded:
You have some similar kind of issues, and that makes you feel close, but it may not bode well for your children.

If you KNOW you can both be very loving, engaged parents, aware of small signs that you might try to minimize with good parental and possibly professional care, then future children may be less affected.

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