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    Nothing works...Potty training regression...
    An_189781 posted:
    I have two children who are autistic. My oldest is high functioning and my youngest isn't. I am at my wits-end with my youngest, I don't know what to do and no one seems to have an answer either. My youngest son can't seem to use the bathroom without playing in his poop. He smears it all over himself, the bathroom and his clothes. Sometimes during play he will take his clothes off and poop on the floor. Each time he does this I put him in the tub and wash him off. He has done this now four times today and I can't keep up with the laundry either and I am about out of carpet cleaner. Anyway, just a few months ago he was doing just fine, he'd sit on the toilet, use the bathroom use the toilet paper correctly and then wash his hands. It seems after each major seizure he has he reverts back to a babylike stage. His older brother, who sees this thinks it is fun and will sometimes pee or poop on the floor too. The school is getting fed up with it and he is on the verge of being suspended. I don't know what to do. I've already lost my job over this. I usually don't go on places like this but I don't know what else to do. I've tried to talk to his doctor but he just looks at me and doesn't say anything, just nods his head.
    mom2guys responded:
    You aren't alone, I have a similiar situation with my 2 boys age six and nine make progress and regress with the toilet . My big guy after suffering severe pain from x-tra large BM, seems to be getting the message. He was withholding it and having to take laxative to relieve himself. The little one was trained with urine, but always was pooping in the pants and putting hands in the BM, about a month ago he seemed to finally get it, we would put him on the bowl with the PSP and he would make, for about 3 weeks O happy day, few accidents, but he has returned to his old ways holding as long as he can and making on himself. He is getting an EEG because his doctors suspect he is having petite mal seizures. I can't really offer advice only support,I having been going nuts with the soiled drawers,sheets, poop on floor carpet. I read somewhere to make them sit three times a day for 10 minutes each on the toilet, to try and break their habit, I am trying that. I know how trapped this much make you feel. I keep gloves because Im so tired of cleaning poo up. I will pray for you Keep me in prayer too.
    motherofrob responded:
    My son who is on the autistic spectrum doesnt play with his poop, but wants nothing to do with being pottyr trained and is seven years old still wearing pulls ups. I can understand your pain in that i find this whole situation so frusturating that i cant find anyone with solutions/or sympathy. The drs have no idea why it is occuring and are rather unsympathetic regarding my issues. I too have had to cut down my working hours to deal with home situaions. I do know that one of the dr suggested miralax to help soften the stools to make it easier. Sorry that I dont have any ideas for you. I do however understand your frusturation.
    pangaia responded:
    I got my son bowel trained when he was about 8 through bribery. It was all that worked. I had a toy he wanted badly and if he pooped in the potty without touching for a week he got it. He never did poop at school - thank goodness.

    I have a friend whose son has Tourette's and they used a system that worked really well for them and that I would have used if my first plan hadn't worked. They gave him something like MIlk of Magnesia and then they sat him on the potty and he fought like heck to get off and it took two of them but one help his arms and the other kept him sitting and he went on the potty. Then they gave him a treat. I think they had to do it for a few days that way then they started letting him go on his own as long as he got his treat after they cleaned him up. To the original poster, I'm wondering if your boy wants water play and since now he knows that pooping and making a mess means a bath, he keps doing it - like he feels rewarded for making this awful mess. Could you try putting him in the tub often when he doesn't need to poop and maybe cleaning him a different way (does he hate showers like my son? Wash him off, while trying to keep his head dry, in a shower) when he does get poop on himself? Maybe he'll get the association?

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