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aspieaunt posted:
One of my nephew's friends committed suicide last Wednesday
and I think he's handling it pretty well all things considered. He talks
about him and cries about him. I let him talk and cry and try to
comfort him, He has Asperger's, I don't think they were close at all
but I guess that doesn't matter to him. I'm not sure what else to do
or how to talk to him, Any suggestions?
Andie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Aspieaunt,

I am so very sorry to hear that your nephew is dealing with losing a friend to suicide. Even without Asperger's, coping with all the different emotions you go through when someone you care about takes their own life is very difficult.

I have dealt with several suicides in my family, so I can tell you from experience that there can be anger, blame, sadness, confusion, and even shame that goes along with all the normal process of mourning. It is a lot to handle, but hard to express your feelings.

Hopeline is a wonderful resource that I would recommend for any survivors of suicide or for educating yourself on suicide warning signs. They are the owners of the 1-800-SUICIDE crisis hotline (which you may also have your nephew call for support)

I would also encourage you to participate in our Depression Community where they have a health expert and a community focused on these subjects.

Take care, and please keep us updated.


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