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    Should I be concerned?
    An_189782 posted:
    My daughter turns 3 in January.
    Her vocabulary is limited and she rarely makes eye contact.
    She flaps her arms when she is excited and walks on her tip toes.
    She talks in a very fast musical voice, and repeats certain words over and over. I know that can be normal for some children, but she will say thank you repetitively for an hour or more. She starts out saying it quietly, until she is yelling it and flapping her arms. She won't eat any foods that are sloppy or not shaped perfectly. She will line her gold fish snacks up, separate the green ones and refuse to eat them. If I point at something her line of vision will not follow it, it doesn't matter if I snap, talk loudly or clap my hands.
    I work with her a lot trying to teach her numbers and abc's, also the mouth, eyes and nose ecct. She can count to 10. Every day we do mouth, eyes, nose, toes and all that... she can't identify any of her body parts, but she can say "A, B,C,D and O." hehe. She has repetitive mannerisms and fake coughs a lot. The face mannerisms sometimes seem like a tick.

    My mother has been telling me I need to take her in to be evaluated for autism since she was about 16 months old. I kept shrugging it off, telling my mom that my daughter is different and there is nothing wrong with that.

    My mom just sent me a few videos on Youtube of children with autism exhibiting the same behaviors as my daughter. Her dad says that it can't be autism because she is very affectionate. She hugs alot, if she sees another child her age at for example a diner, she will jump out of her chair and run and hug him/her. (and sometimes kiss them)

    She has these fits, that I don't understand. If I touch my hand to the side of my face she hits me and screams. If I hold her daddy's hand she hits us. If her daddy hugs me she hits him. She HATES it when I touch her head or brush her hair. She will not wear hats in the winter, or hoods on her sweaters. She loves to wear sun glasses though. (And it is adorable.)

    I guess the point of this is, should I take her in to be evaluated? Is some of this a little normal? Will these behaviors and delays in her development continue to worsen if I don't? I guess I really need someone besides my mom to validate my concerns. My husband doesn't want to take her in. He says he doesn't want her to be stuck with any labels or on medications.( but he really doesn't think there is anything wrong with her) A lot of people have told me that it's normal she'll grow out of it, or every kid learns to talk at their own pace....ecct ecct.

    Any input or tips would be much appreciated.
    RoseMaryzMommy responded:
    My daughter turned three in june and sounds similar to your daughter.She got diagnosed yesterday with moderate-severe autism.Her dad is in denial, but i understand.Its imoprtant to get a diagnosis so we know for sure so the children can get the help they need.My daughter will be in a special ed. preschool in less than 50 days! Im so happy.The psycologist said yesterday was my first day of my parenting journey..and i believe her! Hope this helps and stay strong!
    dakotatwins responded:
    It is very important to get her evaluated.My husband wanted me to wait but I insisted(what is it with the hubbys?)and i'm glad I did my 3yr old angel is mild autistic he is now in pre-k because he got diagnosed and is recieving excellent services and i'm better able to understand the world through his eyes.I think people say they will outgrow it because they dont know what else to say. I still have family members in denile.You are your childs advocate and your the one that can make a diffrence.Good Luck
    motherofrob responded:
    I don't think the husband ever want there to be a problem. I went thru the whole process with my son at the age of 2 and it is so hard to believe the changes that he has made. It is so worth it.
    Babypodof4 responded:
    I am not an expert - but what you describe fits in with symptoms of an autistic spectrum disorder.

    First - the earlier you get a diagnosis - if this is what she has- the earlier you can start to do things to help her. If she has a spectrum disorder - the earlier the treatment the better.

    Autism doesn't have to be a bad thing (I know - how could that not be a bad thing). Some people believe Einstein had a form of autism (he didn't speak until he was like 9 or something like that). If it is what she has - please don't be afraid of the diagnosis. My son is VERY smart and funny - has lots of friends - yet he has an ASD.

    In my opinion - my son's diagnosis helped us learn the best ways to teach him stuff - and it gave us an understanding as to why he behaved some ways.

    Good luck
    Boyzmomee responded:

    I am a social worker who has children with autism on my caseload.

    This is not normal and the earlier intervention starts the more successful it is.
    mygirlsmyworld responded:
    Wow.... Im not the only one! Thank you so much for posting such detail. I would say YES, YES, YES!! Have her evaluated, and the sooner the better. My little one is 5 and still can't count, wont say her abc's, although she does know her body parts. I had her evaluated by her child study team when she started pre-k, and this year she's in a handicap class. Her ped said it was just a stage, and no cause for concern. I knew there was something wrong when my nephew started excelling at a much faster pace. I mentioned it to them and they told me you cant compare children's development, they all learn at their own pace. Then when I had the evaluation done against the peds advice, they did numerous tests, cognitive and reasoning, motor skills, speech, they put her at a developmental age of 18-24 months!! SHES 5 YEARS OLD!!!! I was furious and even called a lawyer asking if there was anything I could do about the doctors not catching it, they said I had a slim to none chance and work on finding a better doctor. So we did and now she's doing much better, she has a little sister who she loves very much. She's also very simpathetic, and they told me she isnt autistic because of this, but if you really look into it, it's not a set in stone disorder, there are kids who fit one symptom, but not the next; that doesnt mean they dont have autism. Good luck in your journey, I know how frustrating it can be since we're still awaiting diagnosis.
    In pursuit of the answer.
    norcal925 responded:

    Hi An_102671
    Was curious if she was officially diagnosed with autism? My 2.5 yrs. old daughter has many of the same behaviors like very little vocabulary, doesn't like anything in her hair, she talks in a her own little language that sound almost French, affectionate likes to gives hugs and kisses,, likes to line up small toys, However the no eye contact symptom is what i don't see, at least i think i don't see it. The big thing is the not talking is what worries me. Seems like she spoke more and had more vocabulary when she was 1 yrs. old. She picks up phone when it rings and knows to say hello. The words Mom and dad is rarely said by her.

    Here are some things she does that I haven't read or found any other kids doing. She is and has always been the easiest, mellowest baby, since birth. For example she rarely cries and only when something really hurt like when she slipped on our hardware floors and hit her head. That's an extreme. No whining ever. Almost like the perfect baby.. She will kick it right next to me for hours watching whatever i am watching and not bitch or complain. Or play by herself with no complaints. Never throws a fit like some parents say their kids do. Her first 6 months i thought she couldn't feel pain because she never cried even she fall or bang into something which would make 90 percent of kids at least cry. Until was trying to cut her fingernails when she was like 3 months and she moved and i nipped her tiny little finger bad and i watched ace flinch with pain and a short cry. Her finger would not stop bleeding she then went right to sleep minutes later with a roll of toilet paper wrapped around her hand....loll Scared me more than her. She sleeps perfectly naps nighttime same time never a chore to put her down which seems to be opposite of a lot of kids I've read.

    I have 2 other daughters 18 and 15 yrs. old but have different mother than my 2yr old so it's been a while and my memory of them developing is hard to remember.. No one has even mentioned to me that she might be autistic, something i have recently thought, this is mainly due to her not talking yet...

    I haven't even said anything to my wife about what i am suspecting.
    Please help a scared Dad with gut feeling something is wrong.....

    Thanks in advance
    Indiaguerita replied to norcal925's response:

    You haven't described anything that sounds remotely like Autism.

    Does she do any of the following behaviors:

    -No eye contact
    -Does not like to be touched (even gently)
    -Does she play with other children?
    -Does she play with toys in a "normal" manner? (Not staring at parts or spinning the wheels.)

    -Does she have repetitive speech?
    -Does she have speech that does not quite make sense at times? (For example: If you ask her old she is and her response is: I like dogs.)

    -Does she laugh inappropriately or cry for no apparent reason?
    -Does she dislike changes in routine?

    -Does she stack/line up objects?

    -Does she have an unusual fascination with things that are not toys? (ie: Strings...hangers...sticks?)

    -Does she have an obsession about any one thing? (Dora...Thomas the Train..Dinosaurs?)

    -Does she hand-flap? Does she toe-walk?

    -Does it seem like sometimes she can't "hear" you...or no matter how hard you try to get her attention she "ignores" you or seems like she's just in her own world?

    If she has a significant amount of the above-mentioned features...then I would say you have a valid concern. If she does not....then I think you shouldn't worry about it unless her pediatrician brings it up.

    jdodsonpeace replied to norcal925's response:
    The best bet if you have any concerns is to talk to your childs doctor. My son was amazing as a child and still is for a seven year old with severe autism. He never felt pain until very rescently. But you should look at the repetitive behaviors and maybe and sensory issues you might notice... like the not wanting things in hair could be one, but my four year who is fine still hates getting her hair done, also vocabulary regression, and talk to her doctor.
    Hope all is going well. Best of luck

    Bioguy22 responded:
    I think you should get your child evaluated. It sounds like she does have some autistic traits, like the arm flapping and sepearating her food. Her father is misinformed; children with autism can be very affectionate and it various with the individual. I think that those behaviors could potentially hinder your daughters development, especially socially, if not worked with soon. I had similar problems when I was a kid. Go see a doctor.
    memommyof2 responded:
    Hi i will like to know how your daugher is doing now?

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