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14 years old, and I think I have Asperger's. Help!
TheDancingGeek posted:
Hi, this is my first post. I'm a teenager from Pittsburgh, and in the last couple of months, I've become to realize that I might have Asperger's Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism. Here's my story.

From second grade on, I had these periods where I would just run around the house, slamming into walls and shaking my hands violently. My family and I did not think much of these fits, because it didn't hurt me, and it helped me relieve stress. These actions started to calm down around puberty, but to this day, I still spend quite some time each day rocking back and forth, shaking my hands.

I have also have had trouble sleeping. I don't know what causes it, but I just can't fall asleep until 12 or 1. This got worse once I entered high school, and some days I can get less than 4 hours of sleep. It may have to do with anxiety over high school or any one of the signs described on this website.

I usually don't have much trouble with language, with I suppose sets me apart from most kids with Autism. When I say that, I mean that when I speak, I don't have that many problems. I talk very rarely in school, and when I do, I'm usually trying to get into other people's conversations, or I'm in French class. Quite often, I stutter or repeat myself, for example, I might say, "I, I, I might be, you know, might be having problems with this part of the, the, the test."

I am extremely obsessive in the weirdest ways. I am very talented in art, music, and French. But one thing I am very obsessive about is collecting random bits of information. No matter what the subject is about, I always regurgitate random facts about any topic. This has become a problem with my family, because I dominate all the conversations with my random fact-spouting. I focus the most on physics, technology, and pop culture. It is annoying for me, as well, because the majority of my conversations with my family are one-sided. My family can never keep up with the constant flow of information from my mouth.

Information isn't the only thing I obsess over, not in the least. My daily schedule must, must, MUST be exact. I must do the exact same thing, every single morning, every single evening. If but one thing is off, I can be ornery and irritable for the entire day. Also important for me are the senses. Being in a room with many noisy people can cause me to just become overwhelmed and confused. Percussion class, specifically the days the teacher isn't there, is hell on earth to me. Three dozen teenagers shouting, screaming, and banging on drums! And for some reason, they always come over to me and try to get my attention, sometimes by making loud noises near my head. Ouch. Just as irritating is touch. Just having individual hairs brushing against my skin feels like needles. I literally cannot fall asleep unless the sheets are in the right position, otherwise I focus entirely on that one thing. It is usually the same story with all of my senses.

But the biggest, most terrible thing to me, is social interaction. I want to be with people! I want to be in the middle of the conversation, the life of the party, but I just can't. Whenever I'm "in" a conversation, I'm always the person who stands there and chuckles or nods while the other people talk. I always barge in on conversations, or not say anything at all. i can't even end conversations right; I always walk away without saying anything. I just have so much trouble reading other people.

So, that's my problem, in 3,437 characters exactly. Do you think I'm on the Spectrum? I would really love any and all advice about dealing with Autism, especially about getting myself diagnosed and telling my parents. My life is getting very confusing and fast, and all I want to be happy is answers. Thanks in advance!

Indiaguerita responded:

Welcome to the site. We can't diagnose you because we are not doctors.

Have you talked to you parents about this? Do they think you have Asperger's? Have they ever had you tested or evaluated?

Based on the signs that you have told us you have, in my opinion, it does sound like Asperger's.

Hope you stick around the site. We'd love to hear your perspective on things when we have questions.


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