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Indiaguerita posted:
Today my kids went to the doctor because they are all sick. When we got there the secretary handed me two masks because two of my kids had a fever and were coughing really hard.

When we started putting the masks on Ethan (neurotypical) and Luz (neurotypical), Raymond (Autistic) began screaming at the top of his lungs: "I want one!" over and over.

My face turned beet red. Even after we got a mask for him he still continued to scream. Parents were staring at him. It was so embarrassing. Then in the room, he had a staring spell. It only last for about 15 seconds and the doctor, Manny (husband) and I were trying to snap him out of it. When he started looking at us he started giggling and then started karate-style kicking me in the chest and belly. It was a rough day today. I feel like I am losing feels like he is regressing behaviorally. -LJ
mom2guys responded:
My Son Austin Just turned seven and he has regressed in tolieting plus he's getting up nights so don't feel alone. Take a deep breath. I know sometimes it feels like they go backward instead of forward it's frustrating. They can be so brilliant one second and so backward the next.
motherofrob responded:
Ladies I know that everytime we have a bad day I feel bad. My son was sick this week monday and tuesday were bad. But wednesday he felt fine but due to the school policy I had to keep him home. So thursday when it came time for school it was a terrible battle. I ended having to drag him phsically. I was so upset after it was over.
motherofrob replied to mom2guys's response:
If it makes you feel better my seven year old son just acheived potty training. It is so new to us to have him wearing underwear that I am still not sure if i should cheer or not yet. I am cautiously opptunmistic.
PinkBows responded:
maybe hes having a seizure when he spaces out like that. =/

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