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Please help, toileting problems
shellybra posted:
I am a mother of a boy who has AS. He is nearly 9 years old. We are having terrible problems in the last 6 months with his toileting. He doesnt seem to be able to recongise when he need to go "poo". He ends up soiling himself and the toilet.
I am at the end of my patience, im also worried sick that if he does it in school he'll be bullied. He is on the high functioning end of thing and the school have been brillant about it but this is seriously getting out of hand.
Does anyone have any tips to stop this.
I am seriously pulling my hair out on this one.
inneedofhelpmom responded:
my son 5 years old, just diagnosed with asbergers syndrome, still poops his pants, at times, and wears a pull-up at night. He has no controll of his bladder at night. I understand your frustration. I need help, also.
motherofrob responded:
My son who will be eight this summer has just started wearing underwear in the last month. No one can ever tell you the shame of having a kid who has no clue or desire to be potty trained. I however feel your pain. I would suggest meeting with the school and setting up an action plan. If there is an accident at school please send to the nurses office so that he can change or do as needed. By several pairs of the same pants so that when he comes back to class the kids may not realize so much the reason that he was sent to the nurses office. Even normal kids have issues. But in the end your child should be treated with dignity. I had such issues with the potty training and while we have made great strides it is still not over yet for us.

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