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seeing in the print
helpingmyme posted:
as i read online, and wanting the info to be accurate, not inappropriate as for factual content, i have 'seen' myself. some of this may be just a desire to be finally recognized as not all the things people have said about me, i continue to wonder. and now i express my desire here to be found out as on the spectrum. is there anyone who also has had the desire to be acknoledged or found on this spectrum, who would like to help me get diagnosed, who has already done it? i do not want to look for what is not there. i speak that with my honesty and with tears because i think this would be a good start for me to be gaining an understanding of where i stand in this world, which sometimes is overwhelming to me. i am 52 and have been married and have six children. i have endured abuse and it has been verbal mostly, but started out, indeed, as physical. this makes me realize that the ptsd i have is associated with that. but the reason i particularly write is to help me understand, through diagnosis, if appropriate, on the autism scale, why i continue to stay and endure with much pain, my present environment. this is one place that seems to explain a lot. the autism sspectrum, if even high functioning, or aspergers. i have been praying for the diagnosis, for explanation of myself. hoping for help, i am posting. don't hold back from letting me know the truth which you perceive or by asking me questions which cast your doubt on my idea that i may belong on the spectrum. i have lots to write, and would like to correspond. thanks
PinkBows responded:
how do you think your life will change if you find out you have autism? will it be a relief or a disappointment? im just curious

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