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Great news, for a change!!!
Indiaguerita posted:
I wanted to share some great news I got today.

I had an IEP meeting for my son today and the occupational therapist that he has been working with through his preschool was there.

It was recommended that Raymond attend a "normal" kindergarten classroom next Fall and he no longer needs occupational or speech therapy!!!!!!!!!!

I AM DOING CARTWHEELS!!!!!!!! All of our hard work has paid off!!!

They said he was affectionate to other children, is able to (mostly) regulate his emotions and is starting to be able to interact with the other children without prompts.

His dad and I are so dang proud we can barely stand it.

It took five long years to get here...and it was worth every hard minute.

Raymond's birthday is on Monday...the 14th. I am so proud.

motherofrob responded:
Happy Birthday Raymond. I would say just keep your eye on things and make sure that he does ok in school and doesnt need further intervention. But I am sure you already had this thought already.
An_189792 responded:
I am so happy for you!! You don't hear these wonderful results as often as we like. How old is your Raymond? You said it had been a long 5 years.. so I was wondering his age. My grandson is 4.. has lots of words, but does not show much interest in other children.. tell me what kind of help you got him. Thanks so much for sharing!!
Indiaguerita replied to An_189792's response:
He is five. And it has been a long five years. LOL. He did not speak until he was almost three years old.

I got Early Intervention help and I also had a behavioral psychologist helping his dad and me with Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Both of those therapies are excellent.

Has your grandson been diagnosed yet?

lfgrandpa replied to An_189792's response:
yes he was diagnosed at 2 1/2.. he has therapists as well. He has lots of words and now having a few setences.. these are the 2 areas he has made least amount of progress...

1. not being interested in playing with other children
2. not conversational...cannot answer many open ended questions.. like " What do you want for your birthday?"

How is your son doing in those areas? any advice or suggestons are much appreciated.
Indiaguerita replied to lfgrandpa's response:
Raymond still has quite a bit of trouble playing with other children. We have to plan way ahead and warn him what to expect. If anything "abnormal" happens...he looks to us for approval and we just nod and he goes back to playing.

He will not play with kids he has never met and become very agitated in public places with lots of strangers. Today we went to the grocery store (a place he has been a thousand times) and it was a little busier than was a rough trip. He said right away that he wanted to go home.

Raymond's speech has greatly improved. I would even dare to say that his speech is excellent compared to a child his own age. Some of his teachers have suggested the thought of Aspergers. We have asked his psychologist and she does not think that a diagnosis of Aspergers is appropriate....we have just worked extremely hard and his speech has improved.

We have had three different speech therapists working with us through the school or through Early Intervention. They have been wonderful.

My advice is for you to look for Early Intervention in your area. There are soooooo many services available to kids who have the diagnosis already. Call your local health department and see what services there are in your area. Call your local chapter of Autism Speaks and see if they have any suggestions on where you can go to get services.

And....never be shy to tell people your grandson is Autistic. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you start finding that everyone knows someone with Autism and knows about services or programs offered in your area. Network with everyone around you. Tell the cashier at the grocery store...tell everyone you come into contact with. I promise - 9 times out of 10 - they will know someone with Autism.

And of course, as us. I will answer any questions you have about Autism and if I don't know the answer...I will research it for you.

lfgrandpa replied to Indiaguerita's response:
Thank you Laura.. we have done all those things. He was diagnosed at 2 1/2 and had therapists working with him since then. .they come to his school..He has improved greatly in every area except socializing with others his age.. Guess that takes time.. thanks for writing.
Indiaguerita replied to lfgrandpa's response:
Are there any parents in the community who would be willing to set up a play date with you and your grandson? (Or your grandson's parents?)

They would need to understand a little bit about Autism first and then you guys could schedule one playdate a week to start.

We did that with my neighbor and her two kids. It was rough at first...but eventually (after a few months) it worked. Raymond started, little by little, playing with her two kids.


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