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eye contact
hisconcernedmom posted:
I have a 21 year old son who I believe has Asperger Syndrome although he hasn't been diagnosed. He was diagnosed with ADD at age 17. The only thing that doesn't fit is that he does tend to make eye contact. On the other hand, he has learned to live with his disabilities and is good at pretending he is "normal". Are there aspies that make eye contact?

He is constantly in stress mode and it's wearing him out. He has tried medication, none have helped. He has tried alternative methods to relax with no results.

At this point, I don't know in which direction to turn. Any suggestions?
Kirsty987 responded:
My son is 17 and was diagnosed as mildly authistic when he was 3. His elementary teachers questioned aspergers but could never really pinpoint exactly a title so he was "labeled autistic" so he could receive special ed.

My guy makes eye contact with others and, as your son, really stresses out quite a bit. Our doctor prescribed celexa for him about 6 months ago and it has helped a great deal. He still stresses out some, especially at test time at school or over some of lifes issues, but the celexa has helped him so much.

Hopefully this is something you both might consider with your doctor that may help.

Good luck!
Brixter1 responded:
I am 26 and i am an Aspie. I do not make eye contact that well but i go to therapy every week and i am working on battling these issues. I take Strattera once a day 40 milligrams and i think it helps me out tremendously
Frenchjr25 responded:
A lot of us make eye contact. Some of the guidelines are being updated to reflect all of the new understandings researchers and doctors have about us.
Frenchjr25 replied to Kirsty987's response:
I have High Functioning Autism and it can be wrongly considered Asperger's since the two are almost identical. BUT they are both ASDs. The reason for the need for a specific Autism diagnosis is that state laws recognize it but not ASDs yet. The laws were written decades ago and are in need of overhauling.

Here in California the law is based on the old notion that we all have severe intellectual disabilities. If you have even a slightly below average IQ you don't qualify for services.

But then eve researchers today refuse to recognize just how intelligent a lot of us are. Just because you can't communicate properly does not mean you have a low IQ.
Frenchjr25 replied to Brixter1's response:
I was misdiagnosed with severe mental illness until I reentered college at age 32. Moving to San Francisco 4 years ago changed my life.

I was on 8 different psych meds. Now I take 2. One helps with depression and the other with anxiety.

They have helped make a dramatic difference in my life.

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