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Can a doctor help with this? I'm so worried.
An_189794 posted:
My son is almost 18, mildly autistic and was diagnosed with type 1 OI several years ago. He finished receiving treatment for the OI about 3 years ago but due to this condition he was very limited with what he could do physically for several years. I know he is selfconscious about his low muscle tone and physical abilities compared to the other boys. On top of all of this his dad and I divorced when he was only 4 and his dad has been involved in his life very little.
A year ago he became very depressed. He was questioning his sexuality. The doctor prescribed celexa and this has helped quite a bit. However, I am very worried about him now. I "broke into his facebook" and found messages to a couple of friends. One friend,he confined that he thinks he's bi-sexual. He's told me this before. That's when I realized how depressed he was. He saw a counselor for a bit and he found out he holds a lot of anger towards his dad but apparently never discussed his sexual preference with the therapist. Tonight I again read his facebook and read a message with another friend. My guy was very "abrubt" in a question he asked his buddy about getting drunk and having oral sex with another guy. My main concern here is that eventually one of these friends is going to react very negatively and either tell others about my guy or hurt him in one form or the other.
I don't know if my message is making any sense or not but can someone try to make some sense of this and offer some advice? I'm so desperate for help. His dad is no help whatsoever.
I'm not a homo phobe. I will love my guy no matter what his preference. I just want him to be happy and safe.
Please help.
Indiaguerita responded:
I'm not sure what the question is...

Sounds like your son might be homosexual or bisexual. Either way...what he needs from you is understanding and support. If you don't know how to give that to could therapy for the both of you. It might make things easier to discuss with each other.

If he finds out you have been snooping in his FB, he might cut you off completely as far as confiding in you and trusting in you.

Sounds like therapy would be your best bet for this situation.

Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon,

I am sorry you are struggling with this, it is hard to see your child struggling or unhappy.

In response to the discussion question and in agreement with Indiaguerita, yes, a doctor could help. Scheduling an appointment with his therapist or doctor to discuss your concerns and how to approach your son with your concerns would be helpful.

Can you ask your son how he is feeling about himself and his sexuality? Or would you feel more comfortable discussing this with him during an appointment with a professional?


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