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stress and anxiety
hisconcernedmom posted:
My son has never been diagnosed with Aspergers, but ever since I can remember I suspected something was not quite right. He was a very difficult child, very set in his ways and the smallest changes in routine were very difficult for him, to say the least. He was very sensitive to pain when he was a baby and growing up. He began teething at a very early age which caused him to be very moody and difficult. He suffered from allergies and couldn't breath from his nose, which also made him very irritable.

But when he wasn't suffering from something, he was very happy and playful. He was always very oral, putting everything in his mouth. Up to age 11-12 he would stick things in his mouth like the edge of a pillow or the edge of a sleeve and suck on them.
He was always very innocent and naive and that caused a lot of teasing at school. Today, he suffers from social anxiety syndrome and is in constant stress.

He is a very intelligent young man and that has helped him survive. He has friends, he goes to University and works a part time job. To the outsider, he looks normal, only shy and withdrawn. His busy schedule is good for him and keeps him evenly tempered. But if he has a day off, he can become very moody and depressed.

He describes himself as someone who is just going through the illusion of living. He says he feels nothing and is not interested in anything. He doesn't want to believe that he has a neurological problem and I have not pressed the issue.

His anxiety and constant stress are wearing him out. He's tried many types of therapies to calm down, but nothing has worked. He took psychiatric drugs in the past, but they didn't help him and he refuses to take them any more.

He is constantly searching the internet for something that will help alleviate the stress.

I would appreciate any suggestions as far as treatment or direction.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello Hisconcernedmom,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to WebMD, as moms it is difficult to see our children struggle and not have the quick, easy solution for them.

We have a wonderful expert, Dr. Patricia Farrell on our Anxiety & Panic Community . You may want to repost there for more response on types of therapies and suggestions for relaxation techniques for your son.

This article, Talk Therapy May Help Treat Social Anxiety, may be of interest.

While he is on the internet, have him look up Aspergers to see if it is something he can relate to.

Please let me know if this is helpful,
hisconcernedmom replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
I will go with your suggestion.
I'll let you know if I find anything helpful.

Thank you for your advice.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to hisconcernedmom's response:
You are welcome,

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