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Conerned about 3 yr old son
studentmom30 posted:
My son will be three on May 12, and I have concerns that I have had about his development for a while. When I would talk to my doctor about them she would just tell me that not all kids develope at the same rate, which I went along with because my daughter was a delayed in her develpoment and has since caught up with her peers at preschool. My son doesn't use his words hardly at all unless watching a movie and he will say a word from the movie right before the characters do. He likes strange things such as pieces of styrofoam and plastic forks, he can play with these things for hours. He does socially interact most of the time, but will throw a fight if interupted in one of his activities. I have used the word "quirky" for a while to explain some these unusual behaviors but I'm very concerned that its something else. The other day he was given Trix cereal and he pulled out all of the orange and red trix and made a strange design most of the way around him. I am not very educated in this area but after talking to co-workers and friends autism was brought up. I honestly don't care if thats what it is I love my son more then anything, I just feel helpless at times and want to relate to him better. We have a close relationship and he is very affectionate when it's his idea, but I need to be educated in the best way that I can take care of him. My doctor has put a referral in for a speech pathologist, which is a start I suppose. I'm just extremely concerned and want him have the most fulfilled life that he can possibly have. Just looking for advice, support, anything, I literally don't have anyone around me that knows first hand what I'm experiencing.
motherofrob responded:
I would honestly say if you have concerns I would specficially mention them to the Dr by name. I am concerned that my son is exhibiting signs of autism, what should I do from here Dr?
studentmom30 replied to motherofrob's response:
Well we went to the doctor today and she is sending us to a developmental specialist and she brought it up to me. I thought that I had prepared myself for that but I did not and as I was driving away a tear ran down my face. I dont know what to do from here just play the waiting game I guess. I guess time will tell, it's nice having someone outside of the family to talk to. So I thank you for that.
motherofrob replied to studentmom30's response:
I am not sure you are ever really prepared to hear certain things about your kids. You can tell me all day long how awesome my kids are, but it is difficult to hear how he struggles in school or how his coping skills need work. You are welcome for the ear. Family can listen but only someone who has been there can feel your pain.

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