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autistic grandson
An_189796 posted:
I have a 5 yr old autistic grandson, I would say the autism is mild by my daughter is refusing to accept this. He is very artistic and loves drawing and knows his alphabet and numbers but the behavior problems are getting worse. My daughter I believe is aware of the problems but will not accept it. Her husband is adament that there is no problem with his son. How can I help her realise that not admitting and helping is making things worse. He is 5 and will be going to school this fall.
motherofrob responded:
I am not sure that you can to anything to help her admit it other than to tell her of your concerns. I am sure that probably she will not appreciate hearing what you have to say. I know coming from the other side of things I saw my parents really struggle being around my son and then I watched them withdraw from his emotionally. In retrospect it would have been better for them to just verbalize their concerns to me instead. It became to become apparent to me that if we did not pursue some invervention but keep our heads in the sand we were gonna lose even more group. It would be better to speak the truth then to hold back and regret not speadking later. Husbands seem to really struggle with the diagnosis. My husband did at first too, I was very fortunate that he was supportive of my interventions, although I was still the one to coordinate the care activities and transport for them too.

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