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eireann012 posted:
There's just a little more time to contribute to research on treatments for autism and to let us hear about your experiences. That means that there's also more time to win one of four gift cards! If you can spare a half hour (and I DO know that that is asking a lot), please consider taking my survey to help contribute to an area of research that is severely lacking, despite being very important. Thank you so much, and have a great day!

Erin Wilrigs
Doctoral Candidate
Roosevelt University, Chicago
GPamB responded:
I am a grandmother and noticed on different occasional lengthy visits that my grandson now three years of age is unable to communicate in very few words what he wants nor able to respond to a smiple direct question for his age, ; he does echolalia snd chatters. Sometimes if you listen, I mean incline your ear, you can make out a few words trying his hardest for a two word sentence. He has a temper and gets fustrated when someone cannot understand what he is sayingand he does a shiver shake he is fustrated. This concerns me as a grandparent. I ran onto an article in the Newsweek magazine my Mother subscribes to with an article about a little boy who had the nearly all the same developmental challenges as my granson except the child in article has physical weakness and my grandson is very strong and has always been very strong since 3 months on. I gave the article to my daughter but she is apprehensive to share with her husband and household they live in with her in-laws. I, also, suggested she take him to the doctor to possibly be tested for and perhaps they could make some suggestions to her for learning aids. I am not sure she will follow thru with that suggestion. I would like more information on hyperplexia autism. I know it is a high-functioning type of austism. This would enable me to help my daughter to help teach him or communicate more effectively. He knows his abc"s since age 2 can count the numbers on the clock and in squence and he recognizes them on anything since age 2, he has been aligning blocks in a row or by color and his shoes in his bedroom by size since age 18 months and mastered puzzles for age 3 and at age 3 mastered puzzles of 30 count does once redoes within 5 minutes then discards as bored with as already accomplished. He has fixations yes, like Thomas the train and trains and said to me while loading the dishwasher studied the rack rolling back and forth. He said for first time "Grandma wheels," points and then, "tracks." So, he has associated how a train runs on tracks so does dishwasher rack. I discovered he can sight read some words such as pizza, baby and comprehends what those words. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to help him. My son also has two boys, one with mild asbergers age 13 1/2 and one with ADHD age 9. My daughter and my son are half brother and sister. These are the first in the family noted with autism.Sincerely,

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I was diagnosed with Aspergers 2 years ago. I am almost 26 yrs old.

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