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    Needs Advice/Opinions!!
    mommaof3toddlers posted:
    My son just turned 3 years old. We have noticed problems with him since a very young age. His developement was behind on most everything. He didn't start walking until a month before his 2nd birthday. He still don't talk much, he knows plenty of words but don't really say many sentences and you can't understand most of what he says. His little brother is only 18 months old and speaks more and clearer then he does. He gets very angry when things don't go the way he wants them to be, he likes everything consistant and if its not he gets angry and bangs his head onto walls, floor, even concrete outside and if anybody touches his toy/ cup/ his chair at the table he gets upset and throws his insane tantrums. He goes from happy to angry in seconds over about anything and he never sleeps he will sit by his bedroom door and throw a fit for hours before going to sleep and then hes up most of the night, I don't think he sleeps more then 2-3 hrs a night. His dr. says its just a behavior problem and its completely normal but he is hitting their head hard enough to leave constantly bruised and has knocked himself out a few times, and i don't believe that is normal, there has got to be a reason for it, he has been doing it for almost 2 years now, wouldn't he know by now it hurts and it don't get you your way when he gets disciplined every time he does it ?? Please help me with your opinions, advice, anything, I just want him to be ok and stop hurting himself !
    motherofrob responded:
    I dont think any of this is normal behaviour and I would tell your Dr that you need to see a developmental pediatrician for a second opnion. If you are not happy with the answer he gives you then I would consider getting a second opnion with second primary care.

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