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answer's please
momconcern posted:
was told that my 7 year old had ADHD and ODD but i did not think that was what was going on with him so i had him tested for autism the doctor told me that she is tempted to put in the autism spectrum but hesitate's because he may be doing a mimic of autism but when i look at his ADOS he is in the spectrum i don't know what to do from here can anyone help?
Indiaguerita responded:
I would get a second opinion...

A lot of ADHD symptoms are similar to Autism. The good news is...the treatment is basically the same for both conditions...although a lot of parents with a child with ADHD choose to medicate. (My own parents medicated my brother, who had severe ADHD.)

Look up ABA therapy...whether your son has Autism or ADHD...this treatment will help.

momconcern replied to Indiaguerita's response:
thanks Laura I will look that up and i am going to get a second opinion because I want to get the base help for my son
momconcern replied to momconcern's response:
mattmom96 responded:
I am a parent of an autistic child and a behavior specialist. Autism is hard to mimic well. Meltdowns can be part of a lot of things. I was taught that autism should be what's left AFTER you rule everything else out.

That is also an unusual combination to give a 7 year old. A lot of things can place you on the spectrum on the ADOS. Get on line and find someone who specializes in neurological or behavioral disorders.
motherofrob responded:
I know that I have personally seen that having an adhd vrs an autism diagnosis has made a difference regarding the kind of intervention that my son gets in school. The autism diagnosis allows my son to get more treatment whereas the adhd diagnosis tends to get them labeled as discipline problems. The two diagnosis are linked together in my recent research.

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