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Do I have mild autism?
iceveela posted:
I have recently known that I am not a "normal" teenager. I love science and art and I am very obsessed with the facts, if someone says something that is not true, I always become defensive, not overly but defensive. I have OCD, I sometimes put items in order, I have done so since I was a child. I hate looking people in the eye, if I do it is usually on the bridge on the nose. I either do that or I literally stare into someone eye (just one, I cannot stare at both at the same time) intensely.

I have always been antisocial, and do not share much with other people except when I am online. I do not believe I have ever had a speech difficulty other than a intense lisp. I usually understand people's meaning, but sometimes I do not understand if they are being sarcastic. I also cannot understand anyone with a accent, I constantly have to ask repeatedly what it is they said.

I always seem to change cultures and races when I speak, I sometimes speak in a stereotypical "black womans" voice, or speak asian, depending on what I am talking about. I often turn southern.

I am also very anal about people touching or looking through my things. I do not need things in a particular order, although I like my breakfast before 10 and lunch around 12, and a few other things.

I have sometimes rocked back and forth and other weird moves, as well as random smiling and constant daydreams.

I am sensitive to touch and light, light literally hurts my eyes, and little things such as the height of my pants, wearing shoes (I prefer being barefoot or wearing crocs), and I am very anal about wanting long hair.

I am sure that I did not have any developmental delays, but I am not sure about that. I was a little brat when I was little, and always kicked and screamed... but as a older teen, I am very tame.

I cannot seem to finish a long speech. I can talk about something very intriguing, and suddenly lose my entire memory of what I said. the same thing happens often, I am very forgetful.

I know I am not normal... I know I have some form of mental disorder. But I do not know which it is.
iceveela responded:
I am Guessing no one has a answer?
mattmom96 replied to iceveela's response:
Parents often have symptoms of autism, but milder and in a different appearance. I have a son with autism, and looking back-I wonder too. I think some people are better at compensating than others and maybe we were mild enough and just worked through things.

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