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how did deal with child abuse and autism
Anon_233726 posted:
recently had a situation with my 10 year old nonverbal autistic son! He goes to his dads house every weekend and recently showed abnormal signs of not wanting to go! He has accidents and his dad doesnt understand yet like them, he came home this past weekend with bruises all over his behind!!!!!!!! I called children services to report it and they said unless he tells u what happened therre is nothing they can do! HE IS NONVERBAL!!!!!! Where is there common sense, and justice here! Anyone else had this happen? What do i do? Im not sending him back therefor i will have to pay the price of breaking our divorce agreement! Jail time for me and not the abuser!!!!!!!!!
flutterbyz3 responded:
My daughter (who is now 15) has autism. I left my husband and father of my 3 children when she was 4 due to the fact that I could not prove that he abused her but she had bruises on her and when he would "babysit" her, it seemed as though she would always have a busted lip or a new bump on her head. She was not capable of talking at the time but am happy to say that she can now communicate. She shunned him and would have a complete meltdown when he was around. During our divorce, of course the judge ordered visitation for my ex. I understand where you are coming from about your son being nonverbal and not being able to communicate what has happened. Check into the disability rights for children, ask for a court order pysch test done on your ex that involves your son. I broke my court order and went to jail because I refused to send my children (especially my daughter) back to his house and had a family member hide my children out until I got out of jail. I didn't know what else to do nor how to protect them. I pray the best for your son and you as well!!

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