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KentuckyJer posted:
My son was recently diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. He's 28 and the diagnosis came as a result of struggling in college.

He was raised in a structured home and was misdiagnosed when younger.

I live in the Northern Kentucky area and I am looking for local resources to get more information and help. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
fridaysgal responded:
I have a 19 yo son who is currently hospitalized for, what was thought to be depression. I received a call yesterday that they are wanting to look further into the possibility that he actually has high functioning autism. Like your son, my son has been struggling through college. Last week he finally had to take a medical withdrawal from school because he couldn't function any longer. I have done so much research on depression, trying to figure out how to help him through this and have never looked into autism. Now, as I read everyone's posts on symptoms and signs, it is as if I am seeing his childhood and adolescence in a whole new light! Luckily for my son, one of the staff working with him at the hospital has a son with high functioning autism and she noticed signs that several doctors have not. I do believe she may have saved his life.

The staff member gave me several websites to check into including:,, and a facility in MN dealing with autism treatments I know Minnesota is a long way from Kentucky, but hopefully they would have information on programs in Kentucky that may help.

Wishing your family a brighter future.

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