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Is it a stim?
Anon_237686 posted:
I'm curious about stims. My 5 yo was born preemie with many problems initially, but caught up quickly. He is developmentally on track or ahead and very verbal, etc.
But when he is excited he does a little hand flapping thing in front of his chest and runs in a sort of pacing motion while he tells an exciting story or something.
Also recently he's started doing this during some of his free play time along with a sort of "bombing noise" he does with his mouth. I was curious and have asked him recently what he's up to or what he is playing. At first he just always answered "nothing", but lately he tells me a story he is pretending, etc. The actions he is doing is just running back and forth and flapping his hands loosely in front of himself and making the noise with his mouth. He doesn't appear to be acting anything out.
So I'm wondering if these things would be considered stimming or not. They look like it, but I wasn't sure of the mindset behind actual stimming--is there something going on in their mind usually or are they just concentrating on the motions, etc.
Thanks for any insight you can give.
sommer77 responded:
It could be hard to say without more knowledge of his other behaviors. I do want to say that preemis ( micro preemies) are now said to be at 90% or more likely than term bavies to exhibit autisitic traits. My son was not diagnosed until 5 school age because everything was explained away by his prematurity .You can google the studies of preemies and relation to autism traits or being on the spectrum, preeemies are also at a high rate 90 % of being hyperactive-ADHD.

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