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3 year old identical twins may have severe autism
crohn_girl posted:
I have 3 year old twin girls who may be severely autistic. They are identical twins. They were born 2 months premature so it think that has a lot to do with it. They were never officially diagnosed with autism so not sure exactly what type they have. They refuse to make eye contact and seem in their own little world when I yell Bella or Michelle at them. They don't say very many words other than yes or no. They didnt talk til age 36 months. They are not potty trained yet and refuse to potty. They wear pull ups in the day and at night. They are nearly 3 and a half now. I am scared they won't be potty trained before going to Kindergarten which is my goal. Everytime I ask them if they need to go potty they scream NO unless they are in the own little world playing with Barbies or watching Barney or Dora. They constantly have melt downs in public and at home. They hit each other, bite, kick, scratch one another and other kids. I just had my son this morning at 36 weeks. He was 6 pounds 1 oz. I am scared they will physically harm the newborn and set a bad example to them when they are old enough to understand. The little girls don't listen to me and refuse to stay put in time out without screaming hitting, kicking me, and thrashing around like a fish outta water. They refuse to eat their veggies until they eat their dessert. It doesnt work for them that I force feed them their veggies like a baby they spit them out at me like an animal. Please help me I think my little angels are autistic
PDXGRL responded:
I would start with your family doctor and have your daughters evaluated. From there he or she can refer your girls to a specialist. This is how my niece was diagnosed shortly before she turned 3. They started with the family doc, were referred to a speech therapist and from there to a behavioral specialist. She was diagnosed in June and is already in programs for special needs children and my brother and sister-in-law are getting support.

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