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To ask the pedi or not to ask
eliguns841984 posted:
I have been worried for a while now about a few "quirks" I have noticed in my son, but I can't decide if I'm looking too far into it or if I should talk to the ped. I don't want to bring it up at the doc's office unless I have a strong feeling one way or another because DH is really upset with me for even talking about it. JT is a totally normal, really smart kid, and he is ahead of the other kids in his class. He learned to speak at about 18 months but was immediately conversational and he has always talked like an adult. People were always amazed at how well he speaks and the things he says that are so not typical of a kid his age. He also started to become obsessed with vacuums when he was about a year old. I know most kids have something they really like, but he literally talks about vacuums CONSTANTLY and it is not getting any better. We kept thinking it was a vacuum phase of his life but it has been over two years now and it's only getting worse. He only really wants to play with vacuums and can tell you the name of every brand of vacuum just by looking at the logo, and he memorizes vacuum infomercials verbatim. He just started school in the last few months, and as some of you may remember he really struggled with it more than what is typical. His teachers say he plays with the other kids some, but for the most part he likes to play on his own just maybe near the other kids. These are all listed as symptoms of Asperger's. But some of the other things he does not exhibit, such as a lack of emotion in his speech or difficulty picking up on the changes in people's tone of voice. I can't decide if he is just a normal kid exhibiting a few of the symptoms or if I should call the pedi. WWYD? Does it sound serious enough to face an argument with DH and call the pedi
hablar responded:
YES beleive it or not my son loved vacum cleaners we bought him a little red one my son is autistic there are other things you can pick up on such as does loud sounds bother him or certain high pitch sounds does he make alot of eye contact .If my son is interested in something I had better learn about it fast because I will be hearing about it a lot Ithink this is worth checking out .MY son is 16 yrs old and a wonderful human being and if there is a problem you will be able to handel it earlier that is always a plus.

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