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I have an undiagnosed son with aspergers.
DaMom3 posted:
Hi I am new here. My son who is 7 years old has all of the signs of aspergers. When he was 3 I took him to his doctor to get him diagnosed and his doctor said he was "normal" , because of his speech delay I took him to the schools speech therapist and she did test him but he was boarder line for any services. I then called to the local university for testing and put him on a waiting list to have him assessed. The waiting list is very long and I never got a call to come in. Frustrated. I did what I could to help at home.

Fast forward to now, he is 7 and he is in the 1st grade. His teachers and I all agree that he does exhibit signs. Although, the school can not give a diagnosis, naturally. So working with the teachers and others in the school they are testing him for learning disorders. I am so disenchanted with the system. I don't know where to go. It's exhausting.

Here is a short list of behavors he exhibits.

He spins- calming and to concentrate on things
He is speech delayed
He has poor fine motor skills (he hated coloring till he was almost 5)
He dis-likes certain foods because of the texture.
He obsesses over things sometimes (right now it's space when he was younger it was trains and tracks in particular)
He likes his routines
He stutters when he speaks.
He will only allow me to give him a kiss on his forehead.
There is more.

But, I guess I am frustrated. My mom doesn't believe me that he has Aspergers. She thinks that there is nothing wrong with him. She flat out told me tonight. It just made me cry. Why must I be the only one trying. (other than his teachers) This is so hard; My husband thinks so too. He is just not proactive like I am he just doesn't do anything unless I push the buttons. I am so frustrated.

How do I proceed. Where can I go for support. I am doing what I can.

Any incite would help.

Thank you- DaMom3
hablar responded:
I would take him for test that will tell if he is autistic there is something going on .My son is sixteen I also have ason with cerable palsey and seizures he is 35yrs old I have been around the block a few times a mother. will know something is wrong before any one else but autism was a hard one for me to figure out when a doctor told me my son was autistic I I refused to beleive it so I had him tested by different specialist they were right Iwas wrong. but now Ihave seen and learned so much and that is what it takes to help your child my son is smart and careing because I found out early how to help you do the same time is not on your side .
lrtimes21 responded:
My son Kyle shows those symptoms and now he shows terrible anxiety over school and wakes up in the night shaking and talking about having to go back. I am not going to stop the more time goes by the more he shows all those signs ..once his diagnosis comes back and they say he makes fair eye contact it can't be that I will have him reevaluated one thing I have learned is go with your know your child.

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