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How do you know whats autism and whats adhd
An_244566 posted:
I have a 2yr old son and at 7mos he had 3 seizures close together he was put on medication for a year and hasnt had anymore.. He went for his 12mos checkup and he was a little behind which was a concern. at 18mos discussed with the dr arising problems autism and adhd came up. This is his systoms: at birth you could not cuddle him, did not mind staying in his crib. didnt really play with toys. then about 18mos we started to notice he does not like strangers. does not play well with his 3yr old brother or cousins ages 2 and 1. he wonders if in the yard with them playing he will wonder off to himself. never sits still. he aggervates he hits he throws fits, he is always throwing something. he seems to have panic attacks. he destroys his room, he takes his clothes off and will pee and poop in the floor. we have to turn his sleeper backwards so it zips in back and put t-shirt over it. he doesnt watch tv but seems to listen to it because he can some of the songs. he doesnt like people to invade his space. if he gets use to you he has to start contact. if you invade his space he will panic.he has senory problems and no concept of heights. seems to have no fear. he talks really good but when he was in a room with a stranger he did not talk for 1hr and 30mins., even at age 2 he can still play in his room for hours and not mind.. when he wakes up he cries for a long time and sometimes he is shaky. took him to the beach stayed 5 days never once did he get in water. could do nothing to get him in the water and sometimes doesnt like to take baths he will scream or get upset and you have to get him out, i dont think he likes change he seems to do better if the routine stays the same and its simple. when he goes to sleep he normally covers up with a pillow on top of him. they have said that right now he has PDD Expressive language delay, and development delay. he goes to speech and occupational and phyical may start behavioral none of that seems to be helping. his panic attacks or fit throwings or hitting and not playing well with others his age. any thoughts will be helpful does it seem more autistic or adhd or both. there was 3 days couple weeks ago and he was a total terror he cried was upset didnt seem like anything you did helped. then he gets better. in the beginning when we realized he didnt like to cuddle, hugs or kisses, we thought it was important to hug him and kiss him. so we made it a game and he will let just a few people hug or kiss him but he never will hug or kiss on his own. not sure how well he knows pain either.

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