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An_244605 posted:
I am trying to find information oh how to deal with and help an autistic girl deal with the changes her body is about to go through. I've not had much luck finding information on my own. I need to know how to prepare her for her menstral cycle and breast development as well as should I consider birth control to control her periods? Any advice/suggestions would be helpful. Or direction, I don't know who I should go to find out this information.
me_n_my_4 responded:

I have a ten year old autistic girl that is currently going through puberty right now and boy is it a rollercoaster. As far as preparing an autistic girl for puberty now that is going to be dependent on how many autistic traits the girl has. For example my daughter is what they call high functioning autistic so as far as explaining things to her about puberty before it hit wasn't that bad I talk to her about what she would be experiencing and how it would make her feel and I backed it up with a lot of diagrams in pamphlets because she is a visual learner. After that I made it a continuous process to bring things up as different opportunities would rise. She is ten now so I started talking to her way ahead of time around when she was eight (they say that the period usually comes around two years after the breast).

As far as the breast development that didn't even bother her at all we didn't even really bring it up that much she didn't have any questions about that really. I can't tell you a specific source to use but there is tons of info on the web you would be surprised what they are capable of understanding it's just important to break it down in baby bite size chunks. Be sure to not overwhelm her with a lot of things at one time just a little here and there (this will take some stress off of you as well). Also check with her local school autism specialist or special education teacher they are can assist with some information as well. Also at the library you can find books that she can read like how to develop life skills and also puberty thru to adulthood just try goggle it. I can't remember the name of the one I got online for her but it was only like ten bucks and she loves it.

I hope this helps and remember that take your time and when you talk to her talk calming and to assure her that what she is going to go through is very normal. Let me know how everything turns out.

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