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Did your autistic child avoid eye contact as an infant?
JohnInNYC posted:
I am a new parent of 6-week old twins. One twin seems fine, but the other one actively avoids all eye contact. I have been unable to get her to look at me even once for the past 5 weeks. She will not look at my face for even a fraction of a second.

I am wondering if there is any correlation between this behavior and autism, so I figured I'd ask this question here when I could reach people who have autistic children. Does your autistic child avoid eye contact? Did he or she avoid eye contact as an infant a few weeks old? At what age, if any, did regular eye contact begin happening?

I am wondering how concerned I should be about this.

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MissRett responded:
I wish I could reach out and hug you. I am a parent of twins and I know how worrisome and difficult this time can be.

To answer your question, one of my twins (recently diagnosed with autism) was very happy and engaged baby. And, regular eye contact started about about 3 months for both of my babies.

Just a thought - could your child be looking elsewhere trying to seek out his/her twin? My children often did that, even as babies.

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