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Need advice all around
romansworld posted:
Hello, My son Roman is 3, we have been going through testing for about a year now and he was finally diagnosed with autism. He's had seizures since he was about 1, has had MRI's, EEG's and now he is scheduled for an EKG. He has 1 older brother and 2 older sisters.
Are there any resources here in CA that can help me? He is very social but social with no boundaries, someone he has known his whole life or someone he see's on the street is all the same to him. He loves everybody. He loves to play outside sports. He loves music!!
He is a picky eater (I have read that, that is typical) he loves fruit and his milk. I'm trying to limit milk and juice because he would fill up on that and not eat a thing all day. I drinks out of a sippy cup, I can't get him to switch to a regular cup and it has to be a certain kind otherwise he throws a tantrum. Sleeping is difficult, most nights he sleeps with my husband and I just so we can get some sleep.
I have so many questions and I really do feel alone. Nobody in my family or my husbands family is autistic, a lot of people want to give me their opinions but they really don't know what they are talking about since they have never had to deal with this. Most of the time they just make comments that we are not disciplining him and we baby him.
What about swimming? Any advice about teaching a 3 year old? Potty training...any tricks for that? I have tried for the past 2 weeks and I feel like I have gotten no where. What type of discipline does work?

Thank you for reading this, I appreciate any and all help!!!
ADDPatient07 responded:
First of all, if he is three-years old he is supposed to be babied. Second of all if he is acting out in these ways that you describe, disciplining him for them is probably not a good idea. Another thing is that he could have what is called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. It is a disorder that is common enough amongst autistic children and that could be what is causing him to throw a fit about the sippy cups. If you discipline him because of these things it could probably give him the impression that if he is angry or sad that he has to keep it bottled up. I seriously doubt you want your son to thin that when he is dealing with enough problems as is. As for the swimming and potty training, who knows, the swimming might be fun but it could scare him. For potty training, it is not uncommon for people with autism to have to still wear a diaper, even into their adulthood. A couple of teenagers I have read about still wear diapers. One is seventeen and the other is twenty-one. But for methods of training him to swim and use the toliet, a woman had sent her son to this place called Kennedy Krieger acheivment program. I dont know much about it but maybe they can help your son with these dilemmas you are facing.

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