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Does My Boyfriend have slight Aspergers?
An_246197 posted:
I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year, and recently one of my friends said that she thinks there's something weird about him. I've never really thought about it before, but I wanted some other opinions from people more knowledgeable on the subject.

He's 21 and very intelligent. He's a Math major in college who never studies and still gets straight As. His school has one of the most difficult Math programs in the country, yet he spends most classes not paying attention and still gets the highest grades. He loves Math, and sometimes does it in his spare time for fun, but I wouldn't say he's obsessed or anything. More like he's sit and do problems when he's bored one evening or something. But he has an amazing memory and his ability to multitask is like no one I've ever seen.

He's always had friends, but not a lot of them because he's always been very quiet and shy. Big groups of people make him very nervous and he never goes to parties or bars on campus because he just doesn't like the huge crowds of people he doesn't know. Job interviews can also be hard for him because he gets very nervous. His shy demeanor made it hard for him to get a job for a while, but he eventually found one he's great at.

He's always been very athletic and into basketball and snowboarding, pretty much just sports in general, but he still only has three or four close friends even with all those activities.

He converses normally in conversations with me or with groups of people he knows well, but in the occasional situation where he's alone with one person for a long period of time, like a car trip, he'll ramble on forever about something he's already said. There are also times he'll zone while someone is telling him something and then have no clue what you just said afterwards.

He's never had trouble being empathetic toward me or any of our other friends. He did have trouble expressing his feelings when we first met but he's gotten a lot better since we've been together.

He does tend to need to know exact details of things when it comes to activities. For example, if we go out to dinner with friends he'll ask what time and where five times even when he already knows the answer. Sometimes on the phone he'll pause for long periods of time before responding to a question, but only on the phone. Never on type or in person.

I wouldn't really say he has any "rituals" that I know of. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I just want to put this nagging feeling to rest.

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