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Living w/an aspberger husband & son
Stangjo62 posted:
Grant it this is not easy to work with (aspbergers) and I take one step at a time, I even take one hour at a time. It takes a lot of patients and perseverence. I love them both, they have so many of the same traits and stress me out like no other could stress me. The two people in my life constantly bounce off of each other by yelling, demanding much of my time that I need a break and sometimes do not get that break that I so long for. When they go for a ride in the car together and I stay back at home for 5 to 10 minutes I take that break. I have a neighbor that doesn't help because he asks me how do you live like this? which hurts me deeply inside because of how I love my family. Of course I don't know how to respond because if you don't walk in my shoes you wouldn't have any idea how I feel, how I deal with this difficult situation. All I can say is having these gifted people in my life you see their difficulties, and you see their strengths and you do your best to make their strengths stronger and their weakness less by constantly praising their goodness and their world is so much more different then my own. I really love them the only way I know how and it takes time to learn. I learn everyday something new about their lives. My husband is very sensitive and very loving, he looks at me like no other man has ever looked at me or how he makes me feel very needed (sometimes overwhelming). My son is in constant need for my attention and wants to be micromanaged and I'm trying to teach him a bit of independence one step at a time (though very difficult) at times I could ask for more loving individuals in my life the way my husband touches my heart and my son touches my heart. So what do you do? you learn more about their lives their differences of how to communicate to the world. Once you make up your mind to commit to special people, you make an effort to talk their talk (which isn't always easy by any means) but you learn their style of communication when loving them.

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