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ADHD with Tourettes or Aspergers?
An_248411 posted:
My son, now 10, had delayed speech. In kindergarten, he seemed to have trouble staying on task. In first grade, at a new school, the same issues popped up. A simple questionnaire given to the teacher, my husband. The school psychologist reviewed the results, which we shared with out PCP and he was diagnosed with ADHD.

The school refused to give him an IEP. Instead they have him a 504 for Speech. When we moved to a new state, the new school did a "case study" on him and determined that of all the assistance he needed, speech wasn't one of them. They promptly gave him an IEP which includes Occupational Therapy.

About eight months ago he was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. He had verbal tics, like clearing his throat or coughing. So now he's on medication for that as well. (He's on Intuniv for ADHD).

I've always felt that his symptoms were similar to aspergers. He doesn't look at you when he talks, he's deeply passionate about a handful of subjects, he's awkward in social situations and takes things quite literally. He processes things differently, too. He sees things very black and white, with little to no shades of gray. If he's supposed to do A, B, and C, he will do them in that order and he will be very uncomfortable if he's asked to to them out of order.

Likewise, if we tell him we're going to to D, E, F and then rearrange the order, he can fall apart unless we announce we are changing the order.

When we met with his fourth grade teacher a last week, she remarked that not only had he maintained what he learned last year over the summer, but his scores in reading and math had gone up.

At the same time, she remarked that it is virtually impossible to get him engaged and it's becoming a problem. She said she knows he knows the answer, but when called upon, he seems to have difficulty processing what she's asking or what she's said.

He has very few friends at school, although all the kids seem to like him. He has a poor read on social situations. If you want to high five him, you need to give a verbal cue, like "Hey buddy, High Five", otherwise he doesn't seem to notice what you're doing.

He sees a pediatric neurologist and has since he was six. I've shared my concerns with him, however he feels that my son doesn't have Aspergers or autism.

When I asked his teacher what her feeling was, if he had trouble focusing or if it seemed to be of a processing concern, she said processing, although he is fidigity.

In second grade he started rocking back and forth or shaking his hands quickly and his teacher then said this is simply his way of calming himself down. He still does that, but now when he gets excited, it's like he does this happy dance (imagine winning a million dollars - that's the kind of happy dance).

School feels at this point that whether he labeled as ADHD, Tourettes, or Aspergers, the accomodations are the same. In other words, it's just a label. But my concern is that if it's Aspergers and we're giving him meds for ADHD, is that really helping him? What more can be done?

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