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    New to Autism
    Giniv posted:
    My son has been diagnosed with Autism he is now almost 4 years old in February. It is still quite a shock and I find myself crying at the most unexpected times. I think it is because you never think it can happen to your child, in a way it has opened my eyes a lot towards what other parents have to face and I am shocked that we don't receive medals when they leave home.

    Hats off to all the great parents out there - loving your beautiful gifts from God you are very special and may you be blessed!

    My son avoids eye contact and only when you take his face in your hand will he make eye contact. He hates eating and only eats about 5 food items - very picky. He has friends but treats strangers exactly like he would treat his closest friends. He doesn't speak - only 2 word sentences and only when he feels like it other wise it is just babble talk. He also plays in animal characters - like being a dog or cat or crocodile he's newest favorite is a dolphin. He hates bath time but is coping better in the last couple of weeks.

    I must say the diagnosis has been a relief as me and my husband does not expect him to reach targets and goals as you would a child being able to do that. We have realized that he is not naughty but he is only behaving in the only way he knows how to.

    We love him very much and I would like to encourage you to keep on loving these wonderful children - good luck to everyone walking this journey.
    srr0322 responded:
    I see many of the signs you mentioned that my son has to and it is a relief for the diagnosis we have started speech and occupational therapy soon and it is such a relief to know there are people that are there to help. Good luck to you and its good to know there are other parents out there going through similar things.
    ProudAspyMom responded:
    Sometimes I think one of the best quotes to explain autism is, "Be patient; God isn't finished with me yet." We get so worried that our autistic children won't grow or develop, and it can be exhausting and heartbreaking when they have a meltdown or a really rough week.

    But the good news is they do grow and develop. My son had 5 words at age 3- ate 4 things and had constant meltdowns in public. After a wonderful early childhood preschool, an IDP for educational autism in kindergarten, and Mom and Dad reading many books and articles, my son has developed so much!

    We now have to work on not interrupting people because he talks non-stop. He chooses one new food a month and hasn't had a meltdown for over 6 months.

    My best advice to you is don't force your child to do things he's not ready to do yet. And remember that he will be ready to do them at some point.

    Also, when you discover what his special talent is- encourage it. Your son may not be meeting the typical milestones- but he will develop strengths and you can build his confidence from there.

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