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Finding cure for autism.
jeepers1jan posted:
Children with autism need your help! I know how busy you are, but please read my story all the way to the end.
When my debut novel What the Heart Sees was finally published, I was so excited. And then something happened in our family that dampened my spirits. I received some heartbreaking news. I learned that my sweet little grandson, Daniel was diagnosed with autism.

How could I find any good at all in this situation? I asked myself. People say things happen for a reason, but I wasn't convinced. And then I was inspired by an idea. I'm not particularly religious, but I do think this idea was from a higher power. I have decided to donate a significant portion of the profits from my book to the Autism Society. We HAVE to find a cure, because autism has risen to near epidemic levels, and nobody seems to know why. I'll bet each and everyone of you knows at least one child with autism.

My recently published book is called What the Heart Sees and is written under the pen name Janice Zick. It can be ordered on line from http:/ for only $4.00 and downloaded immediately to a Nook, Kindle or as a pdf copy on your pc. It is a funny, heartwarming story. You'll love it--will laugh your a_ _ off, and will be helping a worthy cause at the same time.

AT THE VERY LEAST, please click on the link at the beginning of the former paragraph and take a few minutes to read the excellent reviews it has received. After you click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph, type in the title of the book What the Heart Sees or the author name, Janice Zick.

And one more request please. Even if you decide not to buy this novel yourself, forward this message to all of the people on your contact list. With all the stuff (crap) that circulates in e-mails, don't you think this one is worth forwarding.

Thank you so much for your time,

Jan Lang

My novel, What the Heart Sees, a romantic comedy
written under the pen name, Janice Zick will be
Available from

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