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    my 3 yr old son might have autism???
    An_250300 posted:
    I have a 3yr old son that turns 4 this year. he knows a handful of words and two phrases but does not always use them correctly...he mostly just gets stuck on a phrase and a word for a month or so and goes to the other word or phrase. He has been lining things up since he was one and does not like it when someone messes with it and will separate everything into their own legos have their own line and the cars have their own line. never has tried mocking my words or actions. punches himself in the face or headbutts things for no apparant reason or if i ask him if he wants a cup or is hungry. He doesnt communicate with me at all except giving my his cup every once in awhile. Never liked being held by anyone except me but only to get him in and out of the crib or go to the car. I am a creature of habit so he does have a routine everyday but if i try to detour from that he will not have it at all. His playtime with himself consists only of lining things up or if the toy has something mechanical on it and puzzles. gets frustrated extremely easily and punches himself in the face and grunts. Doesnt phase him at all when he headbutts something or when he hurts himself. Occasionally he will be in a lovey dovey mood where he will come hug me n give me a kiss... I wish that was everyday but I can probably almost count on my hands and toes the times. And Potty training...been taking him to the potty every time i go since he was one and he still thinks its just to flush the potty has no concept of what it is to do or emotion. he has to be rubbing something when hes not doing his blanket hes attached to or his diaper flap. if he can have his blanket he has to be able to get to that flap on the diaper and rub on it constantly. THeir are many more things but I'm getting concerned something may be wrong. at first I thought hes two and a little slow learner and in terrible two stage...then he turned 3 last year and i started thinking is there something wrong?? now hes turning 4yr old this year and I'm getting nothing. Its like I had to start all over again with what he learned and just learned mom a few months ago...I made him an appointment...guess I will find out what if anything is wrong...I was told this is not normal behavior...I just thought he was ocd like i am and had my high anxiety.
    francess84 responded:
    I am a little surprised that with all his behaviours you have not had him checked out earlier. He sounds like he's worse than my daughter who has just been diagnosed with mild autism. She is 2. She has similar behaviours such as lining up cars/toys, poor language development, repeating words, head banging, easily frustrated, i could go on.
    Early intervention is extremely important so if he is diagnosed with autism, please make sure you get him the help and support he needs.
    Try not be scared by the autism diagnosis. There is something uniquely special about an autistic child. People with autism think differently to most, but their potential can be great.
    If you have any questions, please let me know. I also have High-Functioning Autism which was diagnosed at the same time as my daughter.
    One last thing, I noticed you mention your OCD and high anxiety. If your child is autistic, please also consider getting an assessment for yourself. Many high-functioning autistics reach adulthood undiagnosed because when we were young, it was not well known except for severe cases. Anxiety comes with autism (i was originally told i had generalized anxiety disorder) and often are misdiagnosed with OCD. I'm not saying you have autism, but if your son does, there may be a genetic link.
    Let us know how it goes and again, if you have further questions
    AskManny replied to francess84's response:
    Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder in which executive functioning of a child may be impaired. A 2006 study by the CDC indicated that most children who have an autism spectrum disorder, showed features of developmental issues before the age of three, however the formally ascribed diagnosis was on average not made until five years of age. Waiting until that point to receive full developmental services can significantly delay the maximization of care during that fleeting window of brain development. Research has shown that the earlier health professionals intervene, the better the developmental outcome for the child.

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