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Asperger's and Social Security Disability
Lauree_Parent posted:

I am brand new to this support community and wanted to ask a couple of questions. But first: My son, who is 26, was just diagnosed with Aspberger's Syndrome last year (2012). He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 9 but the Asperger's was not picked up. He has most of the symptoms of Aspergr's such as; keeping to himself, doesn't want to make friends, gets anxious when around anyone other than parents and brother, hasn't been able to get a job. He does not hold eye contact. Has trouble talking with people (delayed speech ie; trying to form in his mind what to say), has short and long term memory loss (prefers to have parent go with him to any appointments), anxiety and depression, and ADHD. Due to the fact that he cannot handle his own care or finances, we became his legal guardians early this year. He lives with us at home and we handle all his affairs.

He just got Social Security Disability, but we have asked for a review due to the fact that he has had it since birth and we want to go through my husband's Soc. Sec. We sent in a request for it and it was denied due to the fact that there was "insuficient evidence". We had contacted his childhood doctors, phycologist, and schools for information, but they no longer have those records.

So, my question is: How do we prove that he was born with the disability and that if he had the correct support during his childhood, he may have been able to cope with his Asperger's Syndrome as an adult. We have until the end of February (2013) to file our disagreement.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post. I would appreciate any advice.
cameografx responded:
hi Lauree,
my son, now 22, was diagnosed with high functioning Aspbergers during his last year of high school. He displayed all the same symptoms as your son, but with out the ADHD diagnosis. I was extremely upset that we did not get this diagnosis when he was younger as we would have been able to better understand the reason for his 'social awkwardness' and we might have been able to help him live a happier childhood.
I hope you get the help you seek and I will be checking back to see if you post any updates. Good luck.
Lauree_Parent replied to cameografx's response:
Hi cameografx,
Thanks for responding to my post. It does seem like our sons have similar issues. We've sent in our Soc.Sec.Dis. appeal and now we play the waiting game again! My son tried college after high school, but school was always a hassle for him and he hated being around people, so it didn't last. He never told us what he was going through until this past year. I feel awful that he's held it in so long. We just thought it was ADD.
Is your son working? My son has only had two part time jobs (both of which were very short) since graduating high school. He is not working right now. After the appeal is finalized, he wants to go to our town's voc. rehab. to get help finding something that will fit him. Is your son on disability when he was a child, or is he now?
Take care....Lauree

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