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Apergers woman going on a false accusations campaign ruining mens lives
An_251394 posted:
have really been through a bad time i met a girl online on plenty of fish and exchanged mobile numbers . we had a naughty chat on phone and decided to meet [br>she started of texting (all this is evidence) me that she had eczema on her left breast also about that she don't do anal or oral sex when i said we could make do with her right breast.she said she will let me look at her naked and take pics of her on these texts [br>at no point was i aware and was agreed by police in police interview that i knew she had hidden aspergers syndrome[br>[br>we met and went back to my flat and started kissing hugging passionately [br>[br>in short she was very much up for it took of her clothes and we then after asking her went into my bedroom and i could not get it up so i asked her jokingly if she was really serious about no oral and anal in her texts. she took this question very to the point (as she had aspergers i did not know then)so i asked to give me a kiss down there and she gave me a little blow job.[br>[br>i still could not get it up so we discussed diodes etc and i asked her if we could have some fun with a carrot . if she was ok with anal . i explained it won't hurt as it is conical in shape[br>she said yes to it and i got the tiniest carrot from fridge and put it in her anus. initially she liked it but it hurt a bit later. i stopped didn't take it out as it would hurt even more and took it out slowly [br>[br>i told the police exactly as it happened and they at the the said they believe me [br>[br>she also let me take few pics of her where she is smiling , which are on the phone teen by police[br>she got a phone call at this point from her friend where she replied in front of me that she was fine[br>later i was told she had texted her friend to text back so she could get out of here ....[br>[br>i offered to drop her back where she wanted and am hoping this is picked up by police cameras[br>ANPR technology picked up my car after the incident , has it got pictures of driver =me and front seat passenger = complainant , [br>can the police disprove that i gave her a lift back to ,[br>the complainant has just [br>[br>she has has agreed to kissing . This kissing was passionate how does she describe getting naked on her own kissing me -- and then suddenly does she describe me slapping and pushing all false -- why would there be a need for that -- this is coming across as a planned manipulation , [br>[br>no where in the police interview was there any mention of complainant trying fend me off--or asking me to stop --why was this the case was it because her account of ever did not mention that she tried to stop me anywhere or informed me that she was not liking it -- any indication that she was not up for it --[br>[br>infact she was more eager for sex and tried to put my penus inside her , I could not get it hard enough and could not get it up[br>[br>i was not really worried till i heard yesterday that ai m getting charged -- i don't see how this happened as there simply is no sufficient evidence....[br>[br>guys please help and educate me ?? surely if the complainant has exchanged messages about sex , let me take naked pics of her whilst she is smiling and accepted lift bak ? sure this does not happen when someone is really raped ??[br>[br>all comments questions welcome ..

the only explanation being she was aspie??????

what do u other aspies think of this ?

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