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    our whole family
    momnauntieofasd posted:
    4 out of 5 boys in our family are asd in some way. An autistic nephew with no speech. A nephew who is undiagnosed aspy. and two sons, one with traits the other who is an aspy. My autistic nephews mother(my sister) had genetic testing done and the was nothing that says genetics are involved. My son who is an aspy sees a therapist twice a month. Which is for both his and my benefit. We both are learning ways to cope with EVERY aspect in our lives. From special made calenders to kitchen timers and calming techniques. She has been a truely special addition into our family. I think on a daily basis what a blessing my children are. I have two girls also, with no signs of asd. Since we have been seeing the therapist she has asked me tons of questions. Some I find had to answer. Well at our last visit she asked me if I ever watched the movie about temple grandin. Which is an awesome movie and reccommend it to everyone. So yes I have seen this movie, question inside of that question, how does the movie show that Temple learns. I think it over and have NO idea. So she words it differently, still I have no idea. She tells me, and I just cant figure out why I don't know this. She says its part of the whole movie. So then she tells me well thats interesting, I'm thinking yea okay. Well anyone who doesnt see this the reason is because you learn how she does. And only asd and adhd learn this way. I go home and ask my sister, the mother of my autistic nephew and she doesnt even think about it, she knows the answer instantly. Now I am going on 30, I know I have different issues, alot match the asd traits. Thats fine with me. I have been dealing and learning different ways to cope so I feel I don't need a formal diagnosis, others disagree. But what I dont understand is how so many of our family can have these traits and be on spectrum and the genetic testing shows nothing. How is this possible??

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