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Does this sound like autism or adhd?
Gregorivich posted:
My 5.5 year old was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year by his pediatrician. He didn't really talk with my child or anything, he only had his preschool teacher and his father and I fill out a questionnaire about his behaviors and after reviewing them, he told me that my son has ADHD but doesn't qualify for medication because of his age and because he's above-average academically. That was fine with me, because I didn't want him to be medicated, I just wanted to know why he behaved so differently than his peers.

Now he's in Kindergarten and we've been having issue after issue at school with his behavior. He doesn't stay in his seat, he touches every single thing in the classroom, he doesn't follow directions well, he has meltdowns every day that last from 30-45 minutes every time he is put in time out or sometimes just for no reason at all. We're now having his ADHD re-evaluated and we're also having the psychologist who will be evaluating him looking into autism spectrum disorder.

His "different" behaviors are:
--Over-reacting severely/tantrums and hard to calm down
--Poor eye contact (he will look you in the eye for only a brief moment.
--Does not hold a real conversation (he changes the subject after two questions/answers or simply walks away)
--Obsessive behavior with some toys (currently his ipod, but before than it was Mr. Potato Head)
--Doesn't read people's body language well/can't tell when people don't want to play with him or aren't interested
--Likes to be alone rather than with others and does not play well with others
--Doesn't regulate his voice (always loud)
--Physically lashes out when touched unexpectedly/doesn't hug but doesn't mind being hugged when we ask him if it's ok
--Doesn't ride a bike or fasten buttons
--Dislikes changes in routines (have to drive the same route, have to keep the baby gate in the kitchen shut even if the baby isn't there, etc.)
--Gets upset by chaotic situations at home and school
--Puts everything in his mouth much like a baby/toddler would
--Dislikes wearing clothes--takes them off as soon as we get home/to grandma's.
--Obsessed with food and has a fit if we tell him he can't have a second snack because he just ate a (large) dinner.
--Doesn't talk very clearly/hard to understand even at 5. He didn't even start speaking phrases until he was 3.5.
--Doesn't always seem to hear his name when we speak to him

At school:
--Screaming and crying (mostly when put in time out or told he can't play with the ipad center)
--Gets out of seat
--Touches everything
--Occasionally hits or throws rocks at people who are 'bothering him'
--Talking out of turn
--Touching others with his feet/pencils/paper/etc.
--Flapping hands when really upset (I haven't noticed this, but his grandmother has seen it too)
--Doesn't respond to consequences the same as other children (as per his teacher)
--Not phased by being in trouble (doesn't seem to really understand that people are upset with him)
--Poor eye contact
--Impulsive (according to his teacher he isn't defiant, just really impulsive)
--Hard to calm down

I'm not sure if these are autism-related characteristics or ADHD-related characteristics. We meet with the psychologist for a preliminary meeting next week, but I'm curious as to what other parents think.

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