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3 year old son
An_254889 posted:
I am not sure if I belong here. I have been told by a few relatives and friends that my son shows signs of autism. They seem to be mild if anything. I have noticed my son being different since he was a baby but being a stay at home mom and at the time only having him as a child I was able to apply my years of teaching knowledge to working on my sons "weaknesses". He has done such a great improvement but I notice he still has his quirks that might just set him borderline at the spectrum. He mimics, but he has his own imagination. He did not talk till about 2 1/2 and he now speaks great sentences. When he talks its almost like robotic, one word at a time. He smiles and response to his name but that is something that did not come till 2 1/2. I thought he had a hearing problem for a while but I just made it manditory that I talk to his face and not far away from him. He is really good at eye contact and responding to my voice now at age 3. He has always lined things up. Its been an on and off again thing but I always thought it was age appropriate and now his lines are turning into circles. Does anyone experience circle patterns with toys, pots and pans or other objects from their aspie child? My son laughs randomly and hides under chairs and tables. He does not mind when certain people "invade" his space but will get angry at other children if they mess up his alone time or his play. He looks like your typical child at a glance and his imagination is the the only thing that separates my feeling of this aspergers/autism diagnosis. Am I seeing the right for of imaginative over imatation play though? Often his lines and circle patterns do not involve him playing with the toys but he will often play with toys spuratically. He has small routines that can not be changed but does not mind or react to badly to large changes. EX we had a birthday party for him, he screamed a bit at the first few people who arrived but then went on with my uncle to play the games "next" to the children. But if someone goes in or out of the door without him being there to do it an exact way, he will have a meltdown. Big change, party... little change... no control over the door. He repeats words and phrases but I can distract him and stop him at times. He will say words randomly like tonight I told him good night and i loved him, he said more kiss and hugs and then said Boom. I said what hun? He just said boom boom boom in a monotone voice and stared off with a smile on his face. He often stares with a smile and looks like he is looking at you but you can see he is in his own world. I am the only person he really allows in with few tantrums. He loves to comunicate with people but has never said "hi" or this one "I love you mommy" and that breaks my heart. Am I seeing into things or should I get him tested. It is 700 dollars. I feel he will be turned away due to his ability to play and respond. Please help!
undefined responded:
Your son sounds a lot like my daughter is some ways. We only have the one as well. Her behavior was noticed a year ago and she has had some interventions such as speech & occupAtional therapy. Both have really helped. She is also in a developmental preschool as well. I have just made arrangements for an evaluation for autism to be done. She repeats long phrases over & over and its sometimes hard to get her out of these "loops" she is around other kids a lot and that seems to help her feel comfortable with other kids but she prefers to do activities by herself. I'm scared too and o overwhelmed.
sltomaso replied to 28870584's response:
let me know when you get her tested if you can and how she did! My son is now getting tested on the 7th of April. Shortly after I wrote this he started to regress. Just little things like the eye contact, more tantrums, refusing to get dressed and brush his teeth, things we have done everyday since he could walk. Good luck, I am glad you were able to get the help you needed with the therapy.

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