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Is it autism
leelee9010 posted:
My 3 year old is being evaluated by a preschool Thursday and I am terrified they will say he is autistic. [br>[br>He is 3 and has only a few words. Stop, no, go and mama. The rest is initelligeble babble. [br>[br>He understands a lot of what you tell him and follows instructions but won't answer questions like "are you hungry"? By shaking his head. I think this is my fault for not asking enough questions though. But if he doesn't want to do something or doesn't want something you are giving him he shakes his head no. [br>[br>He waves points, returns smiles, imitates, etc. He has good eye contact and like playing a game where I cover my face and each time I remove the cover my facial expression changes. He knows how to give high fives and fist bumps. [br>[br>The thing is he is very hyperactive. He cannot sit still. He is constantly on the go. Running, jumping playing very loudly. He babbles to himself very loudly and is always squealing and laughing loudly while doing this. [br>[br>He also likes to climb things. The stairs, furniture, etc. Once he used a crutch leaning against a bookshelf as a ladder to get some candy I put on the top. If he wants it he'll find a way to climb if I won't give it to him. [br>[br>I'm worried because I read that hyperactivity combined with speech delays is almost always autism or pddnos... [br>[br>But he does not seem to have sensory issues. He doesn't have a problem with any textures, sights or sounds or get upset at a change in routine or anything like that. [br>[br>I don't know how he is socially. He has never been around a child his age and doesn't meet strangers often. Although when he does he doesn't seem to have issues with them. Sometimes he is overly friendly . He has tried to kiss strangers he meets. [br>[br>I was worried he might have glue ear because he often acts like his right ear is itchy and sometimes he whines and holds it. He is also congested and breaths out of his mouth. His moth is always open so he drools. [br>[br>But when I took him to his ped she said his ears looked fine. Plus as I said he follows instructions and responds to his name almost 100% of the time. [br>[br>When he wants something he leads me and his father to it, brings it to us or points.. is it possible this is a sensory process disorder or adhd. I was diagnosed with adhd when I was around his age.
devped14 responded:
I hope all went well with your son's evaluation. In my experience, young children with attributes that you describe in your son (hyperactivity, impulsivity, speech delay with at least a few words, plus many unintelligible words) may have early ADHD, dyspraxia of speech (muscles that are used in speech are not coordinating well to produce intelligible words), or an autism spectrum disorder. And many times, the ultimate diagnosis can't be made for several years down the road, after appropriate therapies and educational services are provided. It's hugely important to get the services started ASAP...especially finding a good speech therapist to work with him 1-on-1. Also a great preschool program...check with your county office of special education to see if he qualifies for services through your local public schools. These programs are excellent for working on his delays and also for encouraging social skills development. If he is constantly congested, you might want to have him seen by an ENT, just to check his tonsils and adenoids. If these are enlarged, they can cause sleep disturbance, which can have negative impact on his development. Most important, keep playing with your child and avoid too much TV/video/tablet time. Good luck to you. devped14

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